What can I do if my glasses are crooked?

  • The glasses may occasionally arrive slightly bent or crooked due to shifting temperatures and pressure during the shipment, but don't worry—you can easily fix it yourself!

    Step 1: To determine which of the temples needs to be fixed, upside down the glasses on a flat surface. You will concentrate on bending the one that is not touching the area.

    Step 2: Lift the glasses and bend the sloping temple up with care.

    Step 3: The glasses should be placed back against the flat area. Repeat this step until the temples are the same height if they are still uneven.

    What should I do if I can't bend my temples? Try applying heat to the temples if you are having trouble bending them. The acetate will become a little more flexible and loosen up when heated.

    Please have a look as well into this video to show you how to adjust the glasses:

    CLICK to watch video

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